ALTERUS is a family of electronics control modules for music organs.

It is completely developed and produced by our company, which ensures high quality, easy integration, great support and.

It consists of 3 main groups:

  • Alterus SEQ: controller-sequencer, which ensures storing, recalling and modifying of pistons
  • Alterus KEY: remote keyboard system with possibility to program connections, transposing, virtual registers etc.
  • Alterus MIDI: interface enables connecting organs to any MIDI controller

ALTERUS SEQ is an advanced, yet simple organ piston controller, which ensures simple and quick installation, very easy operation and removable media support. Operating the controller is  simple and is mostly done by the rotating wheel and four special buttons (next, previous, reset, store). All data is stored on removable SD card so each user may have own data without worrying for overwriting someone’s work.

Alterus KEY is a control-by-wire interface, which replaces (or upgrades) mechanically connected buttons to the pipes. It is possible to program several features such as virtual registers (where same organ stops can be used in different registers), transposing etc. Optical or magnetical sensors are used to detect keys position and wired or wireless connecton is possible between keyboard and pipe magnets. 

Alterus MIDI is an upgrade for Alterus KEY, which can be further connected to a computer (or other music MIDI device) via MIDI interface (USB or 5-pol DIN). In addition to keys, also pistons, pedals etc. can be sent to MIDI interface.

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