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ALTERUS is an advanced, yet simple organ piston controller, which ensures simple and quick installation, very easy operation and removable media support. Graphic LCD display can display (in addition to standard bank/combination number) bank names, that can be edited by the user. Operating the controller is very simple and is mostly done by rotating wheel and 4 special buttons (previous, next, reset, store)

ALTERUS uses standard SD cards as its memory media (same, that are used in mobile phones, cameras …), which means simple and cheap memory extension. Actually – it’s so cheap, that every single organ player can have its own memory card. With ALTERUS, situation where one organist re-wrote/deleted other organist’s combinations, is history!

Editing piston combinations can be done on organs (offcourse!), but it is also possible to edit them at home, using any Windows based computer and special ALTERUS PC software. This way, all (or most) work can be done at home and afterwards the organ player only inserts the memory card in the organs and starts playing. This is especially useful at locations, where many users is using the organs (music schools, music academy, concert halls …).

ALTERUS highlights

  • Storing of 999 combinations in 99 different banks. That means: 99*999 = almost 100.000 memory places! On a single SD card. Then you replace it and have another 100.000 places. And so on …
  • Data is stored on standard SD card. Each musician can have its own SD card. No more data rewriting from another organist!
  • Programmable cressendo function with up to 32 levels.
  • Programmable fixed combinations (pp, mf, ff, tutti …)
  • Programmable pistons remove function (i. e. with a button press remove all pre-programmed pistons)
  • System is operated using rolling wheel and 4 buttons (previous, next, store, reset) only. Operating is so simple, that anyone can do it, even without manuals!
  • Possible to enter combinations using numberic keypad
  • Main board is equipped with 48 inputs and 48 outputs for piston controls by default. Extension boards are avalible for bigger organs to increase inputs and outputs number.
  • ALTERUS PC software adds option to organists, that an organ player can prepare his combinations at home. Then, he just comes, inserts SD card into organs and starts playing!

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