ALTERUS enables simple firmware updating, using SD card as a firmware source.

Please follow the instructions bellow to preform firmware update of your organ controller!

  1. Turn off the organs.
  2. Remove the SD card from the organ controller.
  3. Download the latest “ALTERUS.BIN” file from our website (“Updates” tab); you will have to use password for accessing this page.
  4. Copy the “ALTERUS.BIN” file to the SD card root (not in some subfolder!).
  5. Put the SD card in the organ controller.
  6. Hold the “Store” button and power on the organs.
  7. After the initialization, a Firmware upgrade notice is displayed on the screen.
  8. Wait, until “Update complete!” message appears.
  9. Turn off the organs to complete update process.

WARNING: Firmware update may delete all pre-stored fixed combinations (tutti, forte, piano …) as well as other programmed functions (Cressendo, PistonsOff …) which may have to be programmed again after the upgrade procedure. You can restore them using original CRESS, EREM and ECOMB files.

Please consult your organ builder for more details about it or to receive files required!

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